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What happens in a session?

You CAN Lose Weight!

A thorough consultation establishes the client's current eating habits and identifies any problematic areas such as comfort eating, not being able to leave food on a plate, even if full, large portion sizes, unhealthy cravings, and so on. We will discuss relevant areas such as healthy eating patterns, mindful eating, and exercise, before setting goals for your weight loss.

During the gastric band 'procedure', the client is guided gently into hypnosis this happens easily and very comfortably to a point of deep relaxation, where we can access their subconscious and increase the person's susceptibility to positive suggestion.

The therapist then takes the client descriptively through the operation step by step- from being put under anaesthetic and the journey on a trolley to the operating theatre, of course you are perfectly comfortable and safe and there is no pain or discomfort whatsoever, remember this is an operation of the mind.

Although the client in hypnosis they remain aware of what's going on around them, when in hypnosis the subconscious mind doesn't understand the difference between real and imagined, the boundaries of what is real and pretend are blurred, so that in imagining the surgical procedure under hypnosis, it can in fact influence the real physical responses that the client feels after the session is finished.

Everyone experiences different effects from gastric band hypnotherapy, with some people experiencing the sensation of physical tightening in their stomach, while others are unable to identify any conscious connection to the 'surgery', but are naturally eating less, satisfied on much smaller portions.

What's Involved?

There are four one-on-one personally tailored Hypnosis sessions for you over six weeks which are designed to bring about permanent change in your eating habits, as well as two specific Nutritional Consultations to go over any other areas that may assist you. There are simple guidelines to follow to support yourself on your journey. This isn't a short term fix. We enable you to create new habits to successfully maintain your results.

How long are the sessions?

The first hypnosis session is approximately 90 minutes and subsequent sessions are approximately 60 minutes each. You will also be given a 19 minute hypnosis track to listen to every day to reinforce new habits and help make a permanent change.

What is the average weight loss?

On average our clients experience immediate changes in their eating patterns and the average weight loss experienced with the Virtual Gastric Band program is 1-2kg in the first week and then continue to see 0.5-1kg lost in subsequence weeks.

Most of our clients are thrilled to be consistently loosing this amount of weight without dieting.


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